5 Buddhist Teachings That Will Change Your Life


Awaken to Life


The state of being aware of the life that one is leading cannot be underrated. Venturing into new encounters exposes one to varying life situations. The more exposure one gets, the more self- growth and self-recognition. Awareness of the emerging situations and having learned the way to deal with what comes yours is a tough endeavor. However, it presents one with peace and joy knowing you are designed to succeed in all weathers. Awaken to life is a gateway to self-awareness. This could mean that even killer bee sting symptoms can feel like nothing when you’re fully concentrated. 


Change Yourself and Change the World


Whatever activity we venture in, it impacts either positively or negatively to those around us. The journey to happiness starts with self-recognition. One should understand the passion and pursue the goal to change oneself. If one is successful in dealings, people tend to imitate to be successful also. By the simple act of doing the best, it goes viral, and everyone else wants to lead a path to change himself. The influence we exhibit is what matters. It channels other people’s energy into doing what is right, and therefore the trend gets transmitted.


Find Compassion


Realizing that our goals in life are different is very much essential. Buddhism teaches that compassion is a character exhibited by evolved human beings. The simple act being able to see the pain in people is what is required. The desire to relieve the pain in people is compelling. Many people’s bitterness is because of past scars that keep recurring. Buddhism advises that we should not treat the suffering with contempt. However, we should work hard to connect with many people through sharing. We cannot force people to live our lifestyle, but instead, we can help them upgrade their lives. In life, the perfectionist is overrated hence people strive to be flawless. It should come to our knowledge that no one is perfect no matter what.


You Get What You Give

It is more blessed to give than to receive. In life, what we present to others is undoubtedly repaid. It is not a question of expensive gifts or expensive lifestyles. It is about the little we give in compassion. When we offer, we should expect nothing in return whatsoever. Time is a priceless gift. The short time we give to those around us means so much to them. It also impacts positively on our lives such that we can perceive living in somebody else’s perspective. It is never about giving to those who can give back; it is the ultimate love for the less fortunate. It is fair enough that even those perceived rich, can still receive from the needy. Life is about giving and receiving.


Remove the Three Obstacles to Happiness

Buddhism recognizes that; greed, hatred, and delusion hinder happiness. Every human being is a subject to the vices. It is, therefore, a call for everyone to walk away from the vices. Indulgence to the vice is a great set back to the word. Mostly, when affected, it is ever about oneself. People amass riches to themselves without a spec of love. Therefore, for a prosperous and peaceful world, everyone should influence those around us positively.